Women for Education is a non-profit organization that enables women in developing countries to obtain a university education.

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What we do

Women for Education helps women acquire an academic degree by providing the financial means for their studies. In addition, Women for Education provides mentorship programs that provide guidance during university and help the women gain access to the labor market. Multiple studies have shown that the attainment of a university education is of vital importance for women who have the capacity to contribute to society and become female leaders. Women for Education helps make this happen.

How it works

Women for Education carefully selects young women who have the grades, IQ and perseverance to obtain an academic degree. Despite having been accepted into competitive universities, these women lack the financial means to obtain pursue an academic degree. Once accepted into the Women for Education program, Women for Education helps these women financially as well as through mentorship programs.


Women for Education provides women in the program with low interested loans that fully cover their tuition and living expenses. This allows the women to focus entirely on their education. The loan structure is based on the successful Swedish, British and Dutch loan systems. The loan is paid back over several years, but not before one has reached a sufficient wage that allows for loan payback. All re-paid loans will be re-invested into the program, hereby providing a continuous cycle that allows many women to benefit from a single donation.

Mentorship programs

Besides financial aid, the program encompasses a mentorship program that provides individual career advice and social mentorship to the women. The mentorship program will support the women to grow as persons, leaders and contribute to their professional development and increase their opportunities to fulfill their full potential. The mentors are carefully selected to match each student’s interests and career goals, and include at least one local and one international mentor.

The Women for Education Community

Besides providing mentorship and financial aid, Women for Education has created a community consisting of the women in our program, their mentors and international ‘buddies’. Over time, we believe this community will blossom into a community of successful and inspirational women, who can act as role models for other young women passionate about following their dreams and making a change.