The Sweden Mutomo Projects International (SMPI)

The Sweden Mutomo Projects International NGO (SMPI) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to contribute to sustainable development with improved livelihood for the people in the district of Mutomo, Kenya. The idea for creating an organization arose in 2001 as a result of Sten Kvarfordh’s charity work as a dentist at Mutomo Mission Hospital. It started as a registered self-help group. The activities increased to a community based organization and later to a NGO. The activities are focused on five branches: schools, water, microcredits, children/education and sports. The organization also has a local office in Mutomo with eight project managers. The aid projects aim to provide the community with support to help themselves and to encourage participation and commitment. The projects build on active contributions from the community in the form of labour, transport and material where possible.

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Ulrika Horn

We would like to thank Ulrika Horn who is our branding and art director. She is responsible for Women for Education’s graphic design and has done an outstanding job for us with our website. We are happy for our continuous relationship with Ulrika, and that she has decided to support us on our journey.




BTS is a world leading strategy implementation consulting firm for whom employee volunteerism is an important part of the company ethos. Each year, their employees dedicate thousands of hours to support local organizations and causes. BTS believes that the world-class service that they provide to their clients should also be shared with communities in need. Aside from being active in the local community, BTS makes quarterly charitable donations to directly support organizations and causes. Thanks to the efforts of Saga af Petersens, a senior business analyst at BTS’ New York office and advocate for female empowerment, BTS has kindly agreed to support Women for Education’s project with a donation $1250. Such support is invaluable to our journey to empowering the next generation of female leaders.

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