What is Women for Education?

Women for Educationseek to promote female empowerment in developing nations through the provision of university education. Our vision is to enable women to lead the future of their nations and in turn reduce levels of poverty and inequality.


Why have Women for Education chosen to solely focus on girls?

Women in developing societies are hugely disadvantaged in the arena of higher education and equality of educational attainment is an essential component of the work towards gender equality. Women for Education believe that higher education will allow young women to break the cycle of economic dependence and provide them with the tools to fight for gender equality and female leadership.


How does it work?

By using low-interest loan pegged to inflation we seek to ensure long-term, continuous flows of investment in female education. What makes our concept unique is that once the women we support have finished their education and begin to earn a sufficient wage to support themselves they will then begin to pay back the expenses of their education through a simple microfinance structure. The repayments would then be reinvested in the project in order to send another girl to university. Participants will only be obliged to reinvest in the project for the education of another girl once they have reached a minimum salary level, ensuring that no unnecessary financial strain is placed upon any women who benefit from the process.


How do I know the money reaches the girls?

Women for Education ensures that all the money donated will solely be used to help provide an education for the girls we support, and will be used for that purpose only.


How can I support?

To donate, simply click on the “donate now” button and you will be able to choose the amount that you wish to donate to Women for Education.

You can also donate via:

Our bankgiro number is: 697-4034

Swish is a very easy and secure way to make transactions to a Swedish bank account.
Our Swish number is: 123 149 74 6

If you wish to donate a bigger amount or become a member of Women for Education, please contact us directly on our email: info@womenforeducation.org