Bachelor Degree in Economics and Sociology at Egerton University

Women for Education is very proud to support Beatrice, a 21 year-old woman from Mutomo who is a great inspiration to Women for Education thanks to her amazing motivation and ambitions for the future.
As the oldest of eight siblings, Beatrice learned early to take responsibility; of younger siblings, the family’s property, but above all of her own life. This has made her dedicated, hard-working and optimistic. She believes her university studies will improve her possibilities to achieve change in her community.
Beatrice works as a teacher in a primary school and beside her work she has many interests. In her free time, she trains the volleyball team in her village and she also enjoys acting and writing.
During Beatrice’s interview with Women for Education, she confidently stated that “individuals should have the right to choose between various lifestyles, regardless of gender”. She wants to ensure that equal rights are instituted and that other young people are able to reach their full potential through access to higher education. As an all-around great person and a dedicated hard-worker, we strongly believe Beatrice will go far.



Bachelor Degree in Economics and Finance at Kenyatta University.

The fantastic Diana, 20 years old, an intelligent and hard-working young woman who describes herself as a patient and flexible team-player with a great passion for development in her society. She and her two siblings are raised by their single mother, an experience that developed her independence and mentality at an early age. Diana has always been a committed student and has been involved in several student organizations such as the journalism club.
Diana holds a great interest in gender equality and aspires to strengthen her society by promoting and advocating women’s rights. She sees education as crucial for gender equality as it can raise awareness of the rights of women and believes that “the political, economic and social rights of both men and women should be respected and strictly adhered to for gender equality to be upheld.”
Diana sees issues of gender equality in the labour market and domestic abuse as great hindrances for women in her society. She believes a successful leader is a good team player who shows support and understanding for the people and challenges in the organization.
Diana’s goal-oriented and positive attitude made an impact on us. Women for Education is certain she will achieve her dreams and be a great contributor to society in the future!



Bachelor Degree in Information Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Faith, 19 years old, is an amazing and smart woman who has always been a driven student. She has also shown great engagement in extracurricular activities, including involvement in agricultural programs and the science club, as well as being a prefect at school.
Faith wants to challenge the male-dominated business world of IT and question the status quo. Her grandfather has been a great inspiration to her, encouraging her to enter the field of IT and engineering.
Faith believes education is key to attaining gender equality. She believes that if more girls are given the opportunity to an education, their confidence will be increased and they will feel encouraged to pursue a career. This will enable them to be empowered and contribute to their family and society. A lot of girls dropps out of school, for example as a result of pregnancy, and Faith believes the chance for girls to continue their education is essential. She states: “Further studies can open women’s minds and make them realize who they are so that they can start working for their future.
Faith would like to become a role model for young women in Mutomo and raise the education level in her community by initiating programs. Qualities such as kindness, courage and confidence are crucial in successful leadership, according to Faith. Furthermore, she believes a good leader should show commitment in her organization by being helpful and hard-working.
Women for Education is honored to support Faith and looks forward to following her journey!



Bachelor degree in Science (Biochemistry) at Pwani University

The intelligent and passionate Winnie, 18 years old, dreams of being a female role model in science and to inspire other young women to realize their dreams.
Winnie grew up in a small village in Mutomo and is the only child in her family. She knows the importance of having someone who believes in you and encourages you to dream big. She says “You have to tell girls, and make them believe, that that they are as capable as men. Prove it to those who say you are wrong by setting an example yourself.” She was lucky to be encouraged by a teacher and in the future she wants to give that back to other girls. According to Winnie, encouragement and awareness are key factors in achieving gender equality.
Winnie has most likely already managed to affect other young people as she has been working as a teacher since finishing secondary school. She really enjoyed making other students realize their potential and helping them in building stronger confidence.
In the future, Winnie wants to develop society through research in medicine and increased awareness of women’s rights. By choosing a profession where women are underrepresented, she wishes her decision can inspire other women to dare follow their dreams of professional life and not let misconceptions about women get in their way.
Women for Education is very proud to support Winnie and believes she will be a successful and inspirational female role model to young women.



Bachelors degree in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics at Egerton University

Jackline, 22 years old, is an incredibly intelligent and hardworking young woman from Mutomo who has shown high academic achievements throughout her life. She is now studying a Bachelors degree in food, nutrition and dietetics, and is truly passionate about her studies. Nutrition is a major concern as there are many cases of malnutrition affecting especially children aged below 5 years. The amazing Jackline has already volunteered as nutritionist and in nutrition education programmes in hospitals.
Jackline would like to fight gender based violence and advocate for gender equality in future. She preaches the spirit of high self-esteem in the society since she believes one reason why women are violated is due to lack of confidence in themselves. Therefore, she would like to work with organizations which support girl child education and deal with women empowerment, hence the mission of Women for Education. As a nutritionist, Jackline wants to can reach her community and teach and counsel them about the need for good nutrition.
Like Women for Education, Jackline also thinks gender equality is the view that everyone should receive equal treatment and that should not be discriminated based on their gender. Jackline sees that it can be achieved by eliminating gender inequality in employment by decreasing women reliance on informal employment by empowering women to get formal job and increasing women share of seats in the national parliaments and local government bodies. Furthermore, it is also vital to combat violence against girls and women in order to create an equal society.
Women for Education is immensely proud and honored to support the amazingly smart Jackline in her studies, and we strongly believe she will achieve great change in the society.