Women for Education Receives Donation from BTS

Women for Education is pleased to announce that we have received a generous donation of $1250 from BTS, a world leading strategy implementation consulting firm. Thanks to the efforts of Saga af Petersens, a senior business analyst at the New York office, BTS has kindly agreed to support Women for Education and help us on our journey to empowering the next generation of female leaders. Employee volunteerism is an important part of the company ethos and their employees dedicate thousands of hours annually to support local organizations and causes. BTS believes that the world-class service that they provide to their clients should also be shared with communities in need. Aside from being active in the local community, BTS makes quarterly charitable donations to directly support organizations and causes.

Petersens has long been involved with and supported the work of Women for Education. A passionate advocate for female empowerment, she believes that access to education is fundamental for improving the status of women in the world.

“In Sweden, we have the privilege of free education, which we sometimes take for granted. As I believe education is a critical enabler for female empowerment, it’s an honor to support Women for Education and their strive for a better world. I’m proud to be part of BTS, who supports WFE and many more non-profit initiatives around the world.”

I also grew up in Sweden and, like Saga, took my education for granted. I am indebted and grateful to the Swedish women who fought relentlessly for 100 years to ensure that women had not only access to education, but a right to education. It is thanks to these women that I can follow my dreams. I now want to continue the fight and help women who, still today, cannot have an education. In 2015, there are women who are not allowed to attend school and who are forced into arranged marriages as children – they are effectively denied the right to determine their own lives simply because of their gender.

Today Women for Education received a message from a girl in Uganda asking if we could help send her to university as she herself could not afford it. Unfortunately, at this time, we are only able to help girls in Kenya and I had to ultimately turn this young girl away. Whilst it was upsetting, it only motivated me to work harder with Women for Education so that we are able to support women from all over the world. But it is thanks to the generous donation from Saga and BTS that we are now one step closer to achieving this dream. Thank you!

For more information about BTS please visit: www.bts.com

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Mikaela Rosén

Saga af Petersens Saga af Petersens

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