Are You Willing to Give Up One Coffee a Month to Help Send a Girl to University starting this Christmas?

Women for Education is really happy to present our first campaign. In this campaign we will reach out to all the people around us. Our friends, family, relatives, work colleagues, bosses; and everyone that is willing to contribute. We are all very exited about this campaign because is our first big step towards giving girls an education. For the Christmas campaign we will ask everyone around us if they are willing to give up a coffee to help us educate girls. The amount is £2 a month and this may seem like a small amount but we want to make sure that for our first campaign everyone will be able to contribute because everyone can afford to give a coffee. If a lot of people contribute with the small amount of £2 a month we will be able to make a great impact and send girls to university.

The more we work with this cause the more we realise what a pressing matter this is. The BBC has recently described the lack of global education as “one of the biggest man-made disasters on the planet” and last week I attended an interesting guest seminar by Yale professor of Philosophy and International Affairs, Thomas Pogge, with the title “What are our duties towards the global poor?”. According to Pogge the inequality in the world is larger than ever. Poor conditions prevent billions of people from living a normal life without fulfilling their basic needs. Pogge claims we need to find creative ways of how to invest the money that is given in order to be able to make a difference. By providing a university education to girls we invest the money in a substantial development that will increase the economic standing of entire communities.

The lack of access to education is a growing emergency that we must treat urgently. By donating money you can help us to remove some of the poor conditions that are forced upon women and girls. This is a personal campaign where we reach out to the people we know and respect because we have faith in you and we believe you are willing to give up one coffee for the young women we seek to help. All the founders of Women for Education have put a lot of time and effort in to this organisation and now we ask you if you are willing to give up one coffee this Christmas. If you have doubts about donating we would like you to ask yourself the same questions that Emma Watson’s asked herself in her UN HeforShe speech; “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

Yours truly,

Mikaela Rosén

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