Meet our newest student Jacinta

We are very happy to announce the ambitious Jacinta, who is our second student to join the program this year. We were blown away on her interview when she told us about her determination to find her way to the university. After high school she started her own shop to get money for university fees and to support her family. Even though she ran the shop and have been working as a substitute teacher in primary schools it has not been enough to fund her …

Introducing Catherine!

We are very happy and proud to present an incredibly intelligent young woman, Catherine, who just joined the Women for Education program. This hardworking young woman from Mutomo, Kenya, has shown great academic achievements and determination throughout her life.

Mikaela from the WFE committee was very impressed by Catherine when she interviewed her in Mutomo:

”I immediately knew we wanted Catherine in the program when she entered the room with a confident and determined look in her eyes”

Since Catherine graduated high school she has been working in …

Interview with our first graduate, Jackline!

This year our first student, Jackline Mumo, will be graduating! Jackline was in the first group of girls to enroll in the WFE program and has for the past four years been studying Food, Nutrition and Dietetics at Egerton University. Upon graduation Jackline looks forward to completing a one-year internship which enables her to obtain her practitioner license as a nutritionist. Of how WFE has helped her through her studies she says:

WFE has always been there for me, so concerned about my life, encouraging me to …

Women for Education receives generous donation from Clifford Chance

Women for Education is delighted to announce that we have received a generous donation from Clifford Chance. Clifford Chance is an international law firm that gives its employees the opportunity to choose a charity for their Christmas gift every year. In 2017 WFE has been chosen as the Christmas Charity of Clifford Chance. Next to the donation, WFE also featured on the 2017 Christmas Card of Clifford Chance. Clifford Chance’s donation will go to further expanding the WFE program.

Learn more about Clifford Chance here.

Women for Education receives generous donation from Makaria

Women for Education is thrilled to announce that we have received a generous donation from the Makaria Foundation. Makaria is a Dutch charity foundation that grants financial support to individuals and organisations in the Netherlands as well as abroad. WFE will use Makaria’s charitable gift to fund the enrolment of more girls in our program.

Thank you Makaria!


(Pictured: Diana Hellen, Diana Jackline, Beatrice, Ebba our Chairwoman, Mikaela our Vice Chairwoman.)

Collaboration with Powerfans

Women for Education is excited to announce our new partnership with Powerfans!

Powerfans is a Swedish reseller of electricity and telecommunication contracts that shares a part of its revenue with a charity or sport association that its customers choose to support. Powerfans receives commissions from Swedish telecommunication companies such as Telia and Telenor and has generously pledged to share half of these commissions with Women for Education.

We look forward to starting a lasting and rewarding collaboration with Powerfans.

Learn more about Powerfans here. 

Leadership Workshop in Nairobi

Just before we left Nairobi we had a workshop with our fantastic students and mentors. The Women Leadership Hub team flew down from Europe to arrange a Dynamic Leadership Workshop with our mentors, students and even Mikaela from the WFE team got the chance to participate. 

Some of the students met their mentors for the first time. We realized how valuable the physical meeting is for the students and mentors to connect and get to know each other. 

The workshop started with the WLH team and the participants sharing their …

Workshop and interviews in Mutomo

Last week the WFE team went to Mutomo, the village in Kitui County where our students grew up, to have a workshop with them. After two years of only communicating through Skype and email we finally got to meet our students again, and it was amazing!
We also got the chance to interview the next generation of female students. Together with Lauryn, from our local partnering organization Sweden Mutomo Projects International, we met six fantastic young women whom we interviewed as candidates to our program.

The workshop …

Three-day workshop together with the Women Leadership Hub

In May 2018 the whole Women Leadership Hub team will visit Mikaela from WFE and WFE students in Nairobi. The purpose of the visit? To hold a three-day Dynamic Leadership Program and give the students the opportunity to grow their leadership skills through a series of engaging workshops.

The Dynamic Leadership program aims to guide, coach and support our students to grow their leadership skills and prepare them for the challenges ahead by understanding their own impact and acting on it. The 6 women spearheading the …

Visiting Diana at Kenyatta University

Last week we visited one of our students, Diana Hellen, at Kenyatta University here in Nairobi. Kenyatta University is one of the largest in Kenya with over 70,000 students and 13 campuses. Diana met us at the gate and gave us a tour of her campus, showing us the different university buildings, introducing us to her peers and giving us an insight into university life at Kenyatta. We finally managed to sit down outside of the economics building for a deeper discussion. Diana’s passion for Women’s …