“Individuals should have the right to choose between various lifestyles, regardless of gender”

Women for Education is very proud to support Beatrice as she will study Economics and Sociology at Egerton University for the next four years. She is a young woman from Mutomo who is a great inspiration to Women for Education thanks to her amazing motivation and ambitions for the future.

As the oldest of eight siblings, Beatrice learned early to take responsibility; of younger siblings, the family’s property, but above all of her own life. This has made her dedicated, hard-working and optimistic. She believes her university studies will improve her possibilities to achieve change in her community.

Beatrice works as a teacher in a primary school and beside her work she has many interests. In her free time, she trains the volleyball team in her village and she also enjoys acting and writing.

During Beatrice’s interview with Women for Education, she confidently stated “Individuals should have the right to choose between various lifestyles, regardless of gender.” She wants to ensure that equal rights are instituted and that other young people are able to reach their full potential through access to higher education.

“Individuals should have the right to choose between various lifestyles, regardless of gender.”

As an all-around great person and a dedicated hard-worker, we strongly believe Beatrice will go far. We hope you find your studies inspiring and wish you the best of luck!

We are proud to present Winnie – the biochemist!

Women for Education is very excited to present the intelligent, passionate and goal-oriented Winnie who will pursue studies in biochemistry at Pwani University. She dreams of being a female role model in science and to inspire other young women to realize their dreams.

Winnie grew up in a small village in Mutomo and is the only child in her family. She knows the importance of having someone who believes in you and encourages you to dream big. She says “You have to tell girls, and make them believe, that that they are as capable as men. Prove it to those who say you are wrong by setting an example yourself.”  She was lucky to be encouraged by a teacher and in the future she wants to give that back to other girls. According to Winnie, encouragement and awareness are key factors in achieving gender equality.

“You have to tell girls, and make them believe, that that they are as capable as men. Prove it to those who say you are wrong by setting an example yourself.”

Winnie has most likely already managed to affect other young people as she has been working as a teacher since finishing secondary school. She really enjoyed making other students realize their potential and helping them in building stronger confidence.

In the future, Winnie wants to develop society through research in medicine and increased awareness of women’s rights. By choosing a profession where women are underrepresented, she wishes her decision can inspire other women to dare follow their dreams of professional life and not let misconceptions about women get in their way.

Winnie, we are very proud to support you and wish you the best of luck!

Welcome our new project manager Malin!

Women for Education is happy to announce a new member to our team – Malin Josefsson. As a project manager, Malin will join Amelia and Andrea and further bring new experiences and skills into the organization. We are certain that she will help us to pursue our goal to provide higher education to young women around the world. 

Malin recently finished her Master degree (MLitt) in Marketing at University of St Andrews. She has an interest for equal rights and a belief that education is a fundamental pillar in the process of strengthening women’s position in the society. Before joining Women for Education, Malin has been a part of other projects of improving women’s position through microfinance via Hand in Hand in India. Her own experiences of the value of education inspired her to become involved with Women for Education and she hopes her experiences will contribute to Women for Education’s future growth.  

Welcome Malin, we are very excited to have you on the team!

Women for Education announces collaboration with SMPI

Women for Education is happy to announce our collaboration with The Sweden Mutomo Projects International NGO (SMPI). SMPI is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to contribute to sustainable development with improved livelihood for the people in the district of Mutomo, Kenya. It is a semi-arid area with 200 000 inhabitants and one third of the population is living under the official poverty level of 1,25 USD/day.

The idea for creating an organization arose in 2001 as a result of Sten Kvarfordh’s charity work as a dentist at Mutomo Mission Hospital.  It started as a registered self-help group. The activities increased to a community based organization and later to a NGO. The activities are focused on five branches: schools, water, microcredits, children/education and sports.

The organization also has a local office in Mutomo with eight project managers. The aid projects aim to provide the community with support to help themselves and to encourage participation and commitment. The projects build on active contributions from the community in the form of labour, transport and material where possible. The funds for SMPI come from members, companies, organizations, private donations and own activities.

For more information, please visit: www.mutomo.se.

McKinsey Next Generation Women Leaders Award

We’re very proud and excited to share that our very own board member, Josephine Kahn, was awarded the prestigious Next Generation Women Leaders Award by McKinsey & Company!

Being recognized as a female role model, Josephine was selected from a large group of talented women across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The prize has been awarded to women who are believed to become outstanding female leaders, and use their talents to make a positive change in the world. How proud we are!

In addition to a financial prize – which will be donated in full to Women for Education – the award includes consultation by a McKinsey consultant, free of charge. We are very excited about this, and believe the donation and professional McKinsey guidance will help advance Women for Education in the best way possible.

So, congratulations to Josephine and Women for Education for being recognized as leaders who make a positive change in the world we share.

Women for Education continues to grow – welcome Emma!

Women for Education is very happy to introduce you to a new member of our board – Emma Algotsson. Women for Education will benefit from her valuable legal skills and experience, and we are sure Emma will be a great support in our aim to provide access to higher education to young women in the developing world.

Emma thinks that the idea of giving loans and grants for university studies combined with mentoring programs is great. Emma have had the opportunity to finance her studies through the Swedish financial aid, CSN, and during her time in law school she has had a number of female mentors who she believes has been very helpful in her professional life. Her own experience inspires her to help other young women to get the same opportunity she had. She believes that Women for Education can give more young women access to education and will help them be better prepared for future employments.

Welcome Emma, we are happy to have you on our team!

Welcome our new project managers – Amelia and Andrea!

Women for Education is happy to announce two new members of our team – Amelia Möller Andréewitch and Andrea Dahlbäck. As project managers, Amelia and Andrea have brought new experience and skills into the organization in our pursuit to promote female empowerment.

Amelia Möller Andréewitch is a Master of Laws (LLM) student at Lund University in Sweden. Amelia’s interest for equal rights, combined with her strong belief that education is a key factor to improve the situation for women, are the reasons for her engagement in Women for Education. Before joining Women for Education, Amelia has been part of other projects of improving gender equality through The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation and the Red Cross. As a current member of The Royal Swedish Yacht Club Junior Committee she works for promoting issues of gender equality. She enjoys the international atmosphere and worked as secretary during the Global Forum on Migration & Development Prepatory Meetings in Geneva in 2014. She wish to continue on the international path and to further explore how gender equality can be established on a global level.

Andrea Dahlbäck is a psychology student from Stockholm University with a great passion for gender equality. She holds a strong interest for the development and empowerment of girls and women, which matches Women for Education’s ambitions. Andrea has spent semesters abroad at Columbia University, New York and the National University of Singapore, Singapore to study sociology and psychology with focus on gender and women. Her experience from universities across the globe motivated her to help other young women in their pursuit of an education. Andrea hopes that her international experience, feminist drive and psychological perspective will contribute to the highly important mission of Women for Education.

Welcome Amelia and Andrea, we are happy to have you on board!

Welcome to our Summer Intern Florence Barnett!

Women for Education would like to welcome our summer intern Florence Barnett. She recently graduated from Keble College, University of Oxford with a BA in History and will be joining the Civil Service Fast Stream from October 2015. During her time at university she was the Female Welfare Officer for her college and in the past has also worked for other educational charities including The Prince’s Teaching Institute. Her involvement in projects aimed at empowering women as well as her experiences of the value of education inspired her to become involved with Women for Education and she hopes that self-sustaining nature of the organisation can allow it to grow rapidly and help as many women as possible in the near future. We are really happy to have Florence on the team!

Women for Education Welcomes New Board Member Hanlin Xu

Women for Education is happy to announce that Hanlin Xu has joined us as our newly recruited board member.  As the new Chief Strategy and Communications Officer, Hanlin will bring new experience and skills into our organization. Hanlin has a Master of Engineering from University of Cambridge and specialized in Information and Computer Engineering. She is currently studying towards an MBA for engineers and scientists at Collège des Ingénieurs in Paris, with a project on strategic innovation communications in Air Liquide. Hanlin has worked for Travel Aid and Upendo Foundation in Nyanza Province, Kenya in Summer 2011. In addition to teaching in schools in slum areas and consulting on microfinance projects, she has also invented music courses for students who have not had access to music teaching.

Inspired by talks from Hans Rosling and the book “Poor Economics”, she shares the same vision that educating women will have a significant impact on the society. She is thrilled to work with like-minded people on this mission to empower women and to contribute with all her knowledge in technology and communications that she gained from her current education and experiences as a software engineer.

Welcome Hanlin, we are happy to have you on board!

One Girl at the Time

I believe that the best way to prevent war, poverty, crime, inequalities and the spread of diseases is through the channels of education. It’s a power in itself that deliberates individuals to have a greater chance to live an independent life, where your life choices are not guided by the dogma of society but by your own choice and free will. The group in the world that has the lowest level of education, and are the greatest targets for child labour, are girls in the developing world. In turn, constituting the largest pool of untapped potential for future development and growth.

I do not believe it is a coincidence that it is in countries where the levels of female education is the lowest that comparatively also suffer the greatest from war, poverty and inequality. Thus, I hope with initiatives like Women for Education that the twenty first century will become the century where girls in the developing world stop being taken away the chances of an education, and instead are being given the tools through university education and mentorship to lead the future of their nations and in turn reduce the level of poverty, war and inequality in the world. I hope you will join us on this journey and make this vision a reality, one girl at the time.

Yours truly,

Ebba Björklid