Cambridge University Women in Leadership Society

Women for Education is pleased to announce our collaboration with Cambridge University Women in Leadership Society (CUWL). Both our organisations are collaborating as we share the same underlying goal and purpose – to empower the next generation of women. CUWL aims to improve female students’ access to male-dominated fields such as business, finance, politics, the legal profession and the non-profit sector through the provision of mentorship, workshops, seminars and one-to-one interaction between senior professional management. Women for Education believe that young women’s connections to other working professionals are an important tool in female empowerment. Women are unfortunately under-represented at the highest levels in most industries, with young females often lacking credible role models within male dominated industries or access to mentors who can guide and advise them on professional success. This is the motivation behind Women for Education’s provision of mentorship to the young women we support. We aim to assign both a local and an international mentor to each individual female and through our collaboration with CUWL we will be able to offer mentorships with current students and alumnus from University of Cambridge. We look forward to were this exciting and mutually beneficial collaboration will take us and happily welcome CUWL to the journey of Women for Education.



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