“I am in the best place that I could ever wish to be in”

As 2016 has ended and we have entered a new year, we are excited to give you an update on the incredible year Women for Education has had.  We accepted the first four girls to our program and we are immensely proud of their motivation and drive. We communicate on a weekly basis with the girls and they send us updates on their university life. Please read Faith’s beautiful words and be inspired to make a change and contribute to a better world!

Stepping my feet in the university was the most wonderful and long awaited thing that has ever happened in my life. I always dreamt of it but at some point I went blank about this due to some inconveniencies. But Women For Education group has made my dream come true. I am in the best place that I could ever wish to be in.

I am in the best place that I could ever wish to be in.

Life in general is full of fun and seriousness at the same time. No one is there to control you. We have now done the introductory part of my course and it’s unexpectedly interesting. Not as many used to discourage me about it. I have met very interesting, funny and determined friends who have been hand in hand with me throughout. I have also enjoyed some outs that we’ve been going with my friends on weekend. The lectures have been so interesting especially Nigerian lecturers. They are so funny and you know, I love their movies and thus enjoy to see them talk in real life. We’ve also gone through various sessions of guidance and counselling about education and also real life situation. I’ve also joined the YCS group  and also a player in lawn tennis. It’s really been a stressfree moment .I have always committed myself to one Activity or the other. I am so proud to be a WFE member. We’ll live to lead.

Faith, we are so happy and proud to support you in your education and we believe you will achieve amazing things in the future!

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