Interview with Nova

Our CEO, Ebba Bjorklid, was recently interviewed by Nova, a Swedish network that brings together talented individuals with interesting employers. In the interview Ebba explains why Women for Education was started and also what motivates her on a personal and professional level. Ebba is a member of Nova Pro and therefore Nova decided to portray Ebba to inspire others to be fearless and driven.

The word ’Nova’ means ’particularly bright star’, which also is the foundation of Nova’s business concept. The Nova network consists of stars like that – top talents, Nova and Nova Pro members. All members of the Nova network have undergone a rigorous selection process where each candidate’s AQ (Academic Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and BQ (Business Quotient) have been evaluated and appraised. 

For all our Swedish followers: read the article on Nova’s webpage!

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