Interview with our first graduate, Jackline!

This year our first student, Jackline Mumo, will be graduating! Jackline was in the first group of girls to enroll in the WFE program and has for the past four years been studying Food, Nutrition and Dietetics at Egerton University. Upon graduation Jackline looks forward to completing a one-year internship which enables her to obtain her practitioner license as a nutritionist. Of how WFE has helped her through her studies she says:

WFE has always been there for me, so concerned about my life, encouraging me to work hard through helping me to set goals on what I want to achieve in life and majorly through paying my university fees—I feel so loved and cared for. WFE has helped me in my personal growth; I am now a better person than I was before and so am so grateful.

Jackline also mentioned challenges and prejudice she faced at times studying nutrition.

The course is considered feminine because of the name food and so people associate food with females because they cook. It was a challenge because some of my friends doing other courses could criticize me that I came to university to learn cooking and so I could feel embarrassed. It could be because they didn’t understand what a nutrition course entails.

Jackline looks forward to joining the workforce and continuing to fight for women’s rights.

I am looking forward to mentoring lots of girls and to offer career guidance to help them realize their potential and be achievers in life […] and also to start paying the WFE loans so that the money can also benefit other girls the way it has benefited me.

Women for Education is so proud Jackline and we look forward to seeing what she will do in the future!


(Pictured: Jackline with her son Jayden)

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