Introducing Catherine!

We are very happy and proud to present an incredibly intelligent young woman, Catherine, who just joined the Women for Education program. This hardworking young woman from Mutomo, Kenya, has shown great academic achievements and determination throughout her life.

Mikaela from the WFE committee was very impressed by Catherine when she interviewed her in Mutomo:

”I immediately knew we wanted Catherine in the program when she entered the room with a confident and determined look in her eyes”

Since Catherine graduated high school she has been working in a computer shop and has been determined to save the money she needed to go to univeristy. In Catherine’s own words:
”I have never thought I would find myself at university. Being from a village where few girls make it to the university, I feel so happy and motivated that my goals are being achieved.”

Catherine will be studying IT, a subject Women for Education is very supportive of given the great opportunities in Kenya for IT graduates.

”Being an IT student, have realized that few girls go for this course. I’m in a class of 87 students, with less than 20 girls. As a woman, I feel that this will continue helping me learn how to be responsible. I am grateful to the Women for Education team for helping me to accept my place at university”

Catherine, we are very happy and proud to support you in your education and we believe you will achieve amazing things in the future!

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