Leadership Workshop in Nairobi

Just before we left Nairobi we had a workshop with our fantastic students and mentors. The Women Leadership Hub team flew down from Europe to arrange a Dynamic Leadership Workshop with our mentors, students and even Mikaela from the WFE team got the chance to participate. 

Some of the students met their mentors for the first time. We realized how valuable the physical meeting is for the students and mentors to connect and get to know each other. 

The workshop started with the WLH team and the participants sharing their life stories. The focus was the main events and people who had contributed to becoming who you are. People shared stories of success and happiness but also stories of failure and trauma. It was a powerfulsession where many of the participants opened their hearts. Thanks to the trust built up within the group some even shared stories never shared before.

The stories varied from growing up in Sweden, to living in a war zone in Libya to struggling with school fees in Kenya. Understanding where everyone was from gave a better understanding of who they are now. No matter what the story or background were, everyone found they had something in common; they saw the value of empowering themselves through education. Education had been their beacon throughout their lives.

The sharing session was followed by exercises in smaller groups where everyone got the chance to see themselves through they eye of the other participants. What characteristics do people see when they meet you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? By getting new perspectives and giving each other feedback, the participants extended their self-awareness and identified their characteristics as leaders.

The second day focused more on identifying “change-leader” characteristics, learning how to impact others and successfully apply the principles of dynamic leadership in the participants everyday life. The group of participants varied both in experience and cultural background which gave the participants many interesting insights. However, there were many similarities and everyone was unified by their passion to empower women around them.

The WFE team are extremely grateful that the WLH team gave our mentors and students this opportunity. Everyone left the workshop with new friends, role models and hearts filled with new opportunities. We are already excited about planning next years’ workshop, perhaps in Sweden?

Thank you, Bo, Maria, Christine, Åsa, Jenny and Eva for hosting. Thank you, Pauline G, Pauline N, Penina, Lydiah, Winnie, Diana H, Diana J, Faith, Margret, Winnie, Jackline (and Jayden), Beatrice and Mikaela for participating in the workshop. Thank you, Ebba, Arjaa and Felix for being there!

Our chairwoman Ebba with her buddy Margret

Beatrice and Jackline

Diana Hellen with Åsa from the Women Leadership Hub

Christine and Maria from the Women Leadership Hub

Our chairwoman Ebba and vice-chairwoman Mikaela

From left to right: Eva, Bo, Christine, Maria, Jenny and Åsa

Top row left to right: Penninah, Faith, Pauline G., Lydiah, Ebba, Åsa, Mikaela, Maria, Jackline (with Jayden), Bo, Winnie K., Winnie, Jenny, Pauline N., Arjaa.
Bottom row left to right: Diana Jackline, Diana Hellen, Christine, Beatrice, Eva, Margret

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