Let us introduce Jackline – our new fantastic student!

We are extremely happy and proud to present the incredibly intelligent young woman called Jackline. Jackline is a hardworking and perseverant woman from Mutomo who has shown great academic achievements throughout her life. She is now studying a Bachelors degree in food, nutrition and dietetics, and is truly passionate about her studies. Nutrition is a major concern as there are many cases of malnutrition affecting especially children aged below 5 years. The amazing Jackline has already volunteered as nutritionist and in nutrition education programmes in hospitals.

Jackline would like to fight gender based violence and advocate for gender equality in future. She preaches the spirit of high self-esteem in the society since she believes one problem with violation of women is the lack of confidence in themselves. Therefore, she would like to work with organizations which support girl child education and deal with women empowerment, hence the mission of Women for Education. As a nutritionist, Jackline wants to can reach her community and teach and counsel them about the need for good nutrition.

Like Women for Education, Jackline also thinks gender equality is the view that everyone should receive equal treatment and that should not be discriminated based on their gender. Jackline sees that it can be achieved by eliminating gender inequality in employment by decreasing women reliance on informal employment by empowering women to get formal jobs and increasing women share of seats in the national parliaments and local government bodies. Furthermore, it is also vital to combat violence against girls and women in order to create an equal society.

Women for Education is immensely proud and honored to support the amazingly smart Jackline in her studies, and we strongly believe she will achieve great change in the society.

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