Let’s Make Our Girls WISER!

Last summer, I was talking to a friend on Skype. While discussing the importance of organizations that advance female education, she told me about a friend who had founded an organization doing just this. Their name? WISER.

WISER specifically focuses on female education in Kenya. Through the promotion of primary school education, they have increased the numbers of girls completing primary school by 120% and the number of girls passing the exit exam by 250%. But their impact and success do not stop here. Recently, WISER founded a girls-only secondary school which, with 120 girls enrolled – of which 1/3 are orphans -, has the highest number of girls ever to be in secondary school in this district of Kenya. And the girls? They are doing exceptionally well. In fact, the WISER Secondary School was ranked #1 in Chemistry and #4 in Math in a two county analysis, competing against almost 2,000 boys and beating long established boarding school. In addition, WISER has a 0% dropout rate of girls, compared to 30% in neighboring schools.

In short, WISER works! By providing high quality education and a safe and healthy environment, WISER has allowed these girls to thrive. However, a high school degree will not be enough to enable the girls to partake in society and obtain the high-impact professions they deserve. For this, they need an academic degree. Women for Education is therefore very happy to announce its partnership with WISER, ensuring these girls can continue to thrive and become the next general leaders we so very much need.

As one of the girls at the WISER school so poignantly said:

“I was not born to be unseen. I have a voice to be heard, and my voice matters”

Indeed, and together with WISER, we will make this happen. For more information on WISER and the incredible work they do, please visit the website: http://www.wisergirls.org/

Yours truly,

Josephine Kahn


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