McKinsey Next Generation Women Leaders Award

We’re very proud and excited to share that our very own board member, Josephine Kahn, was awarded the prestigious Next Generation Women Leaders Award by McKinsey & Company!

Being recognized as a female role model, Josephine was selected from a large group of talented women across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The prize has been awarded to women who are believed to become outstanding female leaders, and use their talents to make a positive change in the world. How proud we are!

In addition to a financial prize – which will be donated in full to Women for Education – the award includes consultation by a McKinsey consultant, free of charge. We are very excited about this, and believe the donation and professional McKinsey guidance will help advance Women for Education in the best way possible.

So, congratulations to Josephine and Women for Education for being recognized as leaders who make a positive change in the world we share.

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