Meet our newest student Jacinta

We are very happy to announce the ambitious Jacinta, who is our second student to join the program this year. We were blown away on her interview when she told us about her determination to find her way to the university. After high school she started her own shop to get money for university fees and to support her family. Even though she ran the shop and have been working as a substitute teacher in primary schools it has not been enough to fund her education.

She is now studying Bachelor of Gender and Development at Kenyatta University. We are happy to support such an interesting subject and we have confidence in her future.

In Jacinta’s own words:

”I decided to pursue Gender and Development. Through gender studies I am able to analyse the needs of the society worldwide and come up with ideas to problem solving.”

She says the first weeks at Kenyatta University were confusing because the university area is huge (almost 80 000 students!) with many different offices. However, she loves the academic environment because it is filled with committed and ambitious people and everyone has been very helpful.

When Mikaela interviewed Jacinta in Mutomo in May she immediately knew that we needed to have Jacinta in the program.

”When she told me about how she as a young woman decided to start her own shop to save money for university and to support her family I knew she could do anything she set up her mind to do”

Jacinta, being able to sponsor you is a privilege for us. We are confident that you will do great things in the future and we will support you all the way.

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