One Girl at the Time

I believe that the best way to prevent war, poverty, crime, inequalities and the spread of diseases is through the channels of education. It’s a power in itself that deliberates individuals to have a greater chance to live an independent life, where your life choices are not guided by the dogma of society but by your own choice and free will. The group in the world that has the lowest level of education, and are the greatest targets for child labour, are girls in the developing world. In turn, constituting the largest pool of untapped potential for future development and growth.

I do not believe it is a coincidence that it is in countries where the levels of female education is the lowest that comparatively also suffer the greatest from war, poverty and inequality. Thus, I hope with initiatives like Women for Education that the twenty first century will become the century where girls in the developing world stop being taken away the chances of an education, and instead are being given the tools through university education and mentorship to lead the future of their nations and in turn reduce the level of poverty, war and inequality in the world. I hope you will join us on this journey and make this vision a reality, one girl at the time.

Yours truly,

Ebba Björklid

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