Our First Days in Nairobi

WFE has been on site in Nairobi for almost a week now. It feels like we are settling in nicely and the people we have met so far are amazing.

On Tuesday, 27 February, WFE got invited to the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi. We met with Josefin Hörnberg, a resident since 2010 who is working as Programme Manager at the embassy. Josefin gave us her view about the mentorship, provided us with business contacts and told us how to manage a life here in Nairobi. An interesting discussion also took place of the pros and cons of working in this East African hub. She managed to connect us with a bunch of interesting people who probably will take an interest in WFE’s work the following months to come.

WFE also met with one of our mentors. Arjaa Shah, a business women working for The Village Market, East Africa’s largest Shopping, Recreation and Entertainment destination. As a Project Manager, she oversees the hotel pre-opening activities and operations during the pre-contructions phase. Arjaa is mentoring our student Beatrice. We got an even further and more detailed story of her approach to inspire and setting up goals for her mentee. She finds inspiration from an 11 year old, whom she has been mentoring for over a year now. Very exciting to listen to her story and how she provides for other people around her. We managed to get a lot of feedback on how to improve the mentorship program and what would be the next step for doing so. Now, our main goal is to find mentors to all of the girls in our program.

This weekend we get to met Diana Hellen. It will be great to tell her story!

(Pictured: Josefin Hörnberg and our Vice Chairwoman Mikaela)

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