The Women for Education Board is made up of five female members who are connected by their shared passion for education and female empowerment. With our dedicated Project Managers we aim to empower the next generations of female leaders. 

Ebba Björklid – Chairwoman

ebbaEbba is the founder and Chairwoman of Women for Education. She strongly believes that equality of educational attainment is an essential component in the work towards gender equality and alleviation of global poverty levels. Ebba seeks to utilise her knowledge of financial markets to create a positive impact and achieve social mobility for those who need it the most. Ebba holds a B.A. from the University of Cambridge in Economics, Politics and International Relations and is currently working in investment banking in London as an Equity research analyst. For contact, click here

Mikaela Rosén – Vice Chairwoman


Mikaela the passionate and hard-working Vice Chairwoman of Women for Education. As one of the founding members, she is a great contribution to the organization, not only with her legal competencies and experience, but also with her endless energy to push the team members forward in the work to empower the young women of Kenya. In addition to her work for Women for Education, Mikaela is currently working as an attorney for Microsoft and has previous experience from the United Nations Development Programme in New York and holds a Master of Laws from Lund University in Sweden. For contact, click here

Leonora Brandt – Treasurer

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Leonora is one of the founders of Women for Education. As a trustee and board member Leonora manages the organisation’s finances. Leonora has always been passionate about women’s empowerment and female leadership and loves contributing towards greater educational and professional opportunities for young women. In addition to working for Women for Education, Leonora is an Analyst at the global alternative asset manager Duet Group in London. Previous to this, Leonora completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at King’s College London. For contact, click here

Josephine Kahn – Board Member


Josephine is one of the founding board members of Women for Education who is an expert in finding funding opportunities. Through her successful raising of funds she has enabled the founding of the organisation as well as the first round of students. Josephine holds a Medical Doctorate degree from the VU University of Amsterdam and a Master of Science degree from the University of Oxford. She is now pursuing a PhD degree in collaboration with Harvard University and the University of Utrecht, where her research focuses on cancer and the search for novel cures. Through her research and medical doctorate career, Josephine strives to make a positive mark in the world. For contact, click here

Emma Algotsson – Board Member

Emma is one of the dedicated board members of Women for Education who has played a crucial part in establishing the organisation in Sweden. Apart for her board responsibilities, Emma contributes her expertise within the legal field. Emma has a Master’s degree in Law (LLM) from Lund University and works as a lawyer practicing family law. During her university studies Emma had a number of female mentors whom she believes played an important part in her future professional life. Emma’s decision to join Women for Education is underscored by her desire to give other young women the same opportunity that she got. For contact, click here.

Amelia Möller Andreewitch – Project Manager

ameliaAmelia is a passionate advocate for gender equality and a Master of Law student at Lund University in Sweden. By challenging limiting narratives and cultural norms she wants everyone to have the same opportunities to reach their full potential. Amelia’s strong belief is that a gender perspective can and should be applied in all contexts and at all levels of society. Amelia is managing the Women for Education Mentorship Program and she plays an essential role in accomplishing the organisation’s mission to empower the female students in the program. For contact, click here

Linn Alfredsson – Project Manager


Linn is a lawyer with a strong ambition to inspire young women to become leaders of the future. As a project manager at WFE Linn is contributing with her valuable legal expertise to the organization. In addition to Women for Education, Linn has a Master’s degree (LLM) in Business and Tax Law from Lund University and works as a lawyer in the global legal department at H&M Headquarters in Stockholm. Linn has throughout her career been involved in female initiatives, most recently in co-founding a mentorship program for female law students to connect with professionals early on in their careers. For contact, click here

Julia Attefjord – Project Manager


Julia is one of our project managers who is responsible for the administrative work. She is currently studying a Masters’ degree in Business Administration with focus in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership of change. She believes in equality and all human should have the same rights which is a central part of her interpersonal approach. Previously, she has conducted Basic Military Training and finished a Bachelor’s degree from Stockholm’s University. For contact, click here.

Kathryn Parker – Project Manager

Kathryn ParkerKathryn has a strong belief in gender equality and spent her gap year campaigning for a progressive political party prior to University. Whilst studying for her degree in Economics at LSE, Kathryn was elected Vice President of the LSE Women in Business Society and had an influential role designing and running events on campus focused on women’s empowerment and networking. Recently, Kathryn has worked in both Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs and Equity Research at Jefferies. She plans to leverage her prior experience in asset management to help Women for Education with fundraising and financial management. For contact, click here.

Sofie Gyllenswärd – Project Manager

Sofie GyllenswärdSofie is one of our Project Managers responsible for planning, controlling and managing the deployment of financial resources for the organization. With a passion for equality and responsible leadership, she is aiming to pursue a career where she can have a positive impact and motivate females to take on leadership roles. Sofie believes that only as a truly equal word the global community can prosper, poverty is eliminated and peace upheld. Sofie holds a bachelor degree from Stockholm School of Economics and has experience from working in the finance sector. Apart from contributing to Women for Education, Sofie is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Management (CEMS) in Sydney. For contact, click here.

Sophie Herweijer – Project Manager

Sophie is a 14_Sophie_Herweijer_Staand_Zwart_WitDutch lawyer, who currently works for the international law firm Clifford Chance. Sophie holds a BSc and MSc in Law from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. She strongly believes in the rights and potential of women, and has joined Women for Education with the aim to promote gender equality and female
education. As a project manager, Sophie helps Women for Education find new funding opportunities. In addition, Sophie is a trusted legal adviser for Women for Education. For contact, click here.