Jackline Mumo

Bachelor degree in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics at Egerton University

Expected Graduation: 2018

Jackline is an incredibly intelligent and hardworking young woman from Mutomo who has shown high academic achievements throughout her life. Nutrition is a major concern as there are many cases of malnutrition affecting especially children aged below 5 years. The amazing Jackline has already volunteered as nutritionist and in nutrition education programmes in hospitals.

I would like to be a role model to my society specifically the young women who think they have no place to fit in the public.

Margret Nduku

Bachelor degree in Mathematics at Pwani University

Expected graduation: 2021

She is eager to prove that mathematics is not a “boys subject”  and that women can be great in this field of study as well.

Margret is passionate about raising awareness about issues such as discrimination against women and girls, and she frequently discusses these issue with her family and friends. 

It is very important to promote gender equality because it gives girls an opportunity to achieve their goals and become better people in society.”

Winnie Muema

Bachelor degree in Biochemistry at Pwani University

Expected graduation: 2020

The intelligent and passionate Winnie dreams of developing the society through research in medicine. By choosing a profession where women are underrepresented, she wishes her decision can inspire other women to dare follow their dreams of professional life.

“In the future I would like to see a society that is more developed than the present one. I would like to help young girls realize their dreams”

Faith Tom

Bachelor Degree in Information Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University

Expected graduation: 2020

Faith would like to become the best programmer in Kenya. By challenging the male dominated IT-business she hopes to become a role model to young women from her village.

“Further studies can open women’s minds and make them realize who they are so that they can start working for their future”

Diana Jackline

Bachelor Degree in Actuarial Science with IT at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University

Expected Graduation: 2019

Diana started dreaming about studying actuarial science when she was 13 and became interested in mathematics. Diana wants to challenge the male-dominated business world of mathematics and IT.

“Unfortunately there are too many ladies who say mathematics is too hard for them – it is not! This mindset needs to change. Everybody can do anything they want to! What men can do, women can always do as well, or better”

Beatrice Michael

Bachelor Degree in Economics and Sociology at Egerton University

Expected Graduation: 2020

As the oldest of eight siblings, Beatrice learned early to take responsibility. This has made her dedicated, hard-working and optimistic. When she graduates she wants to work to achieve change in her community.

“Individuals should have the right to choose between various lifestyles, regardless of gender”

Diana Hellen

Bachelor Degree in Economics and Finance at Kenyatta University

Expected graduation: 2020

The fantastic Diana, an intelligent and hard-working young woman, describes herself as a patient and flexible team-player with a great passion for development in her society.

“Women for Education motivates me and continuously deepens my desire to rise to make another lady somewhere thinking it can be done, realizing that it is indeed very possible”

Jacinta Peter

Bachelor degree in Gender and Development Studies at Kenyatta University

Expected graduation: 2022

Jacinta is a strong and compassionate young woman who is passionate about supporting other girls from disadvantaged backgrounds and helping them succeed in their studies. She strongly believes that with hard work she will be able to achieve anything she sets her mind to.

“I have always dreamt to develop my community and the entire nation through my hard work”

Catherine Jeremiah

Bachelor degree in Information Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University

Expected graduation: 2022

Catherine is a hard-working and respectful young woman who enjoys cooking, singing and getting to know people different from herself. She dreams of working with others to strengthen her local community.

“When jobs arise in society, all genders should be considered without bias […] public participation and decision-making should also invite both genders”