The Journey Begins

Three years ago, after finishing my first year at the University of Cambridge I was selected to join a few other students from the University of Cambridge and from the University of Oxford to spend the summer in Kenya working with microfinance and education. What I realised during my months in Kenya was that what I identified most with as a human was not my nationality, race, religion, socio-economic standing or background but my gender. I learnt that being a woman was the single most important identifier of how I view life and the people in the world around me. The most important thing that I learnt during this trip was that being a woman, for the majority of females around the world, comes with very strict limitations of one’s role in your family, your community and your life at large.

Growing up in an egalitarian country like Sweden myself, I leant that I had the possibility to do and be anything I wanted in life as long as I was committed to make the sacrifices needed to get me there. I have from a very young age believed that education holds the key to being an independent, self-deliberating and free human being. After my trip to Kenya these beliefs turned into a conviction that education is the key to giving future women of the world the tools to create a life without limits dictated by societal dogma, but by their own aspirations and goals of what they want their lives to be like.

This conviction has grown even stronger over the past three years and resulted in the creation of Women for Education. In similarity to the saying ‘you will get there one step at the time’, I know that this will have to be one girl at the time, but building momentum of this kind will hopefully create a further push for a more equal existence over time. Our goal with this organisation is to move closer to a world where ones life is not dictated of what gender you are born into but who you decide you want to be and how you want to live you life. We hope that you want to join us on this journey and to make this vision a reality, one girl at a time.

Yours truly,

Ebba Björklid

President and Founder of Women for Education

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