Visiting Diana at Kenyatta University

Last week we visited one of our students, Diana Hellen, at Kenyatta University here in Nairobi. Kenyatta University is one of the largest in Kenya with over 70,000 students and 13 campuses. Diana met us at the gate and gave us a tour of her campus, showing us the different university buildings, introducing us to her peers and giving us an insight into university life at Kenyatta. We finally managed to sit down outside of the economics building for a deeper discussion. Diana’s passion for Women’s rights and education frames her outlook:

“The confidence of girls is really improving in Kenya. To conclude, boys are in fear and mounted with pressure that we will soon overtake! Now, we can educate a lady so she understands what she rightfully deserves, and she will spread the message. The chain is strong and will be unbreakable when all the ladies get to know what they deserve. LET’S GO FOR IT LADIES BECAUSE WE CAN AND IT’S OUR RIGHT ANYWAY.”

Diana is an inspiring person with boundless energy and ideas about her future. She likes to dream big and takes pride that the Women For Education foundation chose her as a candidate:

“It motivates me a great deal, and continuously deepens my desire to rise to make another lady somewhere thinking it can be done and realise it’s indeed very possible. I am proud to be a lady, an inspiration, and a source of hope”

Stay tuned for even more inspiration!

(Pictured: Mikaela our Vice Chairwoman and Diana Hellen)

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