Workshop and interviews in Mutomo

Last week the WFE team went to Mutomo, the village in Kitui County where our students grew up, to have a workshop with them. After two years of only communicating through Skype and email we finally got to meet our students again, and it was amazing!
We also got the chance to interview the next generation of female students. Together with Lauryn, from our local partnering organization Sweden Mutomo Projects International, we met six fantastic young women whom we interviewed as candidates to our program.

The workshop covered everything from personal development, CV and employability training to reproductive and sexual health training. Mikaela started the workshop and guided the girls on how they can develop themselves, become more self-aware and boost their self confidence and self-esteem. “I am enough” was the mantra delivered to the girls. During the second part of the training Mikaela delivered practical tips on how the girls should pitch themselves to employers, how they can increase their own competitiveness and dhow to deliver a good interview, CV and cover letter.
In the afternoon Mutomo’s star and female role model Lauryn, from our local partner SMPI, held a training about reproductive health together with a nurse from a nearby hospital. They gave advice regarding family planning, the use of contraceptives, the avoidance of STDs, HIV and cancer and destroyed myths about sexual and reproductive health that often prevail in Kenya. In Mikaela’s own words:

“It was wonderful to finally be reunited with all of our fantastic students and see how they have grown and developed into confident women. Meeting in person makes you connect on a deeper level and I can’t wait to see them all again in the next workshop in May. They are all so insightful and inspiring and I love spending time with them.”

The girls who barely knew each other before they joined the program has grown into a tight group of friends who are supporting each other. We are overwhelmed and proud to see our girls growing for each day and hearing their stories about university and life itself.

WFE is looking forward to accepting new young women into our program. The six young and inspiring women we interviewed had hopes to get degrees in areas such as finance, IT, Dietic and Nutrition. Now we have a huge task in front of us; to fundraise for as many new girls as possible. Deadline is August 2018 when the next generation of WFE students enroll into university.

(Pictured left to right: Margret, Beatrice, Diana Hellen, Winnie, Faith, Diana Jackline)

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